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So, this is it! You’ve seen so many people buying (and loving) Solid Shampoo Bars, and you’d like to know what all the fuss is about. Whether you have decided to take the plunge and found your favourite formula, or you’re thinking about making the switch, let us show you what you can expect from swapping those plastic bottles for something altogether more eco friendly.

Solid Shampoo Bars Reduces Space and Waste

To almost everyone who has used plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, whether it be the good old supermarket savvy brand, or something rather expensive from the salon, there has been no other option out there to reduce space, waste, while still offering high quality hair-care on a budget.

With the advent of the Shampoo Bars this has been a game changer.

The Solid Shampoo Bar I Should Cocoa is packed with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Powder; to give your hair incredible softness and shine! You do not need to use a conditioner after this hair treatment. Your hair will be silky soft and will smell divine.

We get an awful lot of questions from people who are curious, dubious, and doubtful alike. Here are some tips for using your new Shampoo Bar:

How should I apply Solid Shampoo?

Our Shampoo Bars are made with loads of moisturisers and natural humectants (ingredients which help your hair hold onto moisture), to keep your locks looking luscious. Because our solid shampoo is packed with hair-loving ingredients, it is important to know how to properly use our Coconut Oil based Shampoo Bars, as over working the hair with can lead to hair that feels weighed down…

Method 1- Direct

  • Rinse your hair through so that it is completely wet. Make sure that you have rinsed out any excess styling product if you feel your hair is weighed down.
  • Very gently work the Shampoo bar into your hair, starting at the crown of your head, working down to the mid-lengths. Hold the bar in one hand as you do this and bring it through your hair in either a circular or combing motion.
  • Once you feel that you have covered each section of your hair, you are now finished with your bar and you can put it down in a dish, away from pooling water.


Our Shampoo Bars deliver beautiful hydration to hair, even if you have chosen a formula for greasy or flat hair types. This is down to the lashings of Coconut Oil the Shampoo Bars are based with.

You are rubbing a highly concentrated shampoo onto your hair (that’s why it lasts so long, yay!) Be careful not to over-work the shampoo into your hair, a little goes a long way.

  • With the shampoo evenly distributed through your hair, use your fingertips to work a lather through the lengths of your hair. Don’t forget to gently work lather through your scalp. This is where the most oil, dirt and residue builds up; your hair will feel much cleaner if you have taken the time to shampoo your roots and scalp properly.
  • Continue to work a lather into your hair as you add more water. Keep working your fingers through your hair
  • Once you have rinsed all the shampoo from your hair, your hair should feel clean but not ‘squeaky’. Repeat if you have long hair, or you feel your hair gets really dirty.

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Should I condition my hair?

As we have said, Shampoo Bars are highly concentrated and every formula is based with a huge helping of Coconut Oil. For many reasons, this makes our Shampoo Bars far superior to other liquid shampoo; meaning you need to use less product on your hair!

If you have long, dry or damaged hair, you will find a shampoo formula to sure to suit you. You may find that you still need to use a little bit of conditioner through the ends of your hair to keep them looking shiny and healthy.

For shorter hairstyles, or hair that gets greasy quickly, use less conditioner still- if any at all!

Need a quick-fix hair treatment?

Some extra love for dry hair!

Around 3 hours before washing your hair, apply Coconut Oil to the ends of your dry, unwashed hair and wrap in a towel to keep it out of the way. After shampooing with your normal Shampoo Bar, use I Should Cocoa Shampoo to work though the ends of your hair for extra hydration.

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