Summer, we see you!

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Hello there, my favourite season. You’re looking rather beautiful this year, and I for one, cannot wait to spend a few months with you.  It’s a beautiful time of year for so many reasons but obviously summer means one thing… sun-cream, big sunglasses, and sipping Fanta Lemon by the poolside. That’s right, we’re so ready for a holiday!

I’ve made a list of some summer holiday essentials for your perfect getaway, wherever you plan on heading. As if you weren’t excited enough!


Coconut Oil

With its endless purposes, Coconut Oil is up there with one of my most favourite products for all year round. Come summer time, I find myself reaching for Coconut Oil as a great alternative to my usual cold-weather skincare routine. On Holiday, it much better to fill your suitcase with outfits you know you wont end up wearing, so pack a small tub of coconut oil to take waterproof makeup off with! Easy to use and saves so much space. For pale folk like me, Coconut Oil also does wonders as an after sun moisturiser for slightly pink shoulders. For those of you who fit the ‘Bronzed Goddess’ description, you can melt our Sunshine Bath Creamer with a little bit of warm water for an all-over body conditioner. Just smooth over sun-kissed skin and shower off to feel super-soft and hydrated. Enriched with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, your tan will be looking flawless and you’ll be left smelling of fresh Orange Blossom. You’re welcome!

Shampoo Bars

Oh my, solid shampoo bars are my absolute favourite. Packaged in a little cardboard box with no bulky plastic bottle, shampoo bars make the perfect travel buddy. In 8 different formulas, you will find the perfect match for your hair type. Not only that, all of our Shampoo Bars are SLS free, with no Sulphates. They are also Vegan and Cruelty-Free… all that good stuff! As my hair is on the slightly finer side, product can weigh my hair down easily. When summer comes around, I find my hair getting greasy between washes and I end up having to use powders (another thing to take up room in my suitcase). Once I started using Citrus Paradisi, greasy hair was no longer a worry! Infused with Dead Sea Salt and Zingy Lemon, my hair is left squeaky clean and smelling wonderful. This little shampoo bar blesses me with weightless volume so I can achieve those French Braids I’ve been practicing for MONTHS. Soft, shiny, big and bouncy. I am very happy with my new locks. Don’t just take it from me, find your perfect shampoo bar and fall in love!

Scented Sachets

A certain fragrance can just take you away as soon as you smell it. For me, it’s a certain sun-cream which reminds me of family holidays as a child. Now as an adult (I guess?!), Pineapple and Coconut puts be straight in the party mood… Pina Coladas anyone? Packing a suitcase is one of the most exciting things about going away. While I am doing my best to fit a giant inflatable flamingo next to my sun dresses, I pop a Palm Trees Scented Sachet in the bottom of my luggage. Fast forward 24 hours and several “whatever, I’m on holiday” cocktails- you’ve opened your case and you’re greeted with the most tropical summer fragrance. Call it extravagant, I call it “whatever, I’m on holiday”.


Whatever you plan on doing this Summer, wherever you plan on going, we hope you have fun! It’s a time to treat yourself and spend time with the people you love the most.

Remember, don’t get burnt. Coconut Oil is your friend.

Peace, Love and Bubbles.



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